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We hand-build our mattresses with the best materials available, bringing you closer to the perfect night’s sleep. Using products made only in the USA, each mattress is built on location. You will get a better quality mattress for less, more value for your dollar.

On average, you’ll pay about 40% less for our hand-made products and they last 70% longer than a comparable retail mattress, saving you money on your investment. We realize that needs change as time goes on, so we offer a Lifetime Comfort Commitment. We also have furniture that will give your bedroom the updated look you’ve been wanting.

How We Save You Money

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Our Mattress Collection

  • Next Generation Mattress


    High quality sleep systems at entry level pricing. Over 1200 individual coils eliminate motion transfer, and offer a firm night of sleep.

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  • About Beds by Design


    These designs use over 1200 coils to eliminate motion transfer. A superb value for a great night of sleep.

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    Next Generation

    Our newest technology, SYNERGY, is the same high density latex used in football helmets.

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    Experience the ultimate in plush and comfort. Combines the two newest and most innovative materials available.

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  • Sleep by Number


    Experience our new Stay Cool Gel bed and our innovative air system

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Mattress Padding Mattress Padding Mattress Padding

See How We Build Our Quality Comfort Systems

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Our Comfort Commitment

For most, sleeping patterns, behaviors, and preferences are constantly changing. With a "big box" mattress you may find yourself shopping for another mattress to roll with those changes. At Beds By Design, we can offer you a better solution by altering your sleep system even after the sale! We'll pick up your mattress, bring it back to our store, make the adjustments, and bring it back to your room for a better night's sleep: all at no extra charge.

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Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Memory foam has been a popular material in bedding for several years. Now the new gel-infused memory foam helps solve the heat issues that come from sleeping on traditional memory foam. Stop in our showroom to test out your options!

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