At Beds by Design, our comfort engineers work with you to discover your personal sleeping preferences to help you make an informed decision. In most cases, they will be the one who actually builds your new sleep system. Remember, you're not purchasing a new mattress, you're upgrading your quality of life by getting a better night's sleep.

We have five great mattress lines available to meet your needs. Since we make all of our mattresses on location, we're able to customize them as needed. If you're a sleeper that prefers a bit more support in the lumbar region, our engineers are happy to add more support. Or do you prefer your mattress to be more firm? No problem.

For our customers who are tired of sleeping on a bad mattress in their RV, boat, or truck; we can make any of our mattresses to a fit a custom size.

  • Value

    Value Line

    Value MattressNext Generation MattressThese Euro-top designs use our Vitrovian posture-tech innerspring with over 1200 coils. Each one is pre-loaded and encased in its own housing of high tinsel fabric, adjusting to each contour independently. Motion transfer is eliminated, allowing your partner to move around without disrupting sleep, making this the quietest mattress available. Using over three inches of special order foam at 2.5 pounds per square inch to increase support and pressure relief.

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  • Luxury


    The Luxury sleep systems offer a unique feel of extra softness with massive support, designed to provide years of comfort and support. Only the finest materials are used. The support and soft hugging qualities are created by three inches of synthetic Talalay latex placed over three inches of super soft, extra dense foam. The Vitruvian Posture Tech innerspring system is the only innerspring system in the world guaranteed for life.

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  • Next Generation

    Next Generation

    Experience the ultimate in plush comfort and support. Using our exclusive Dura-Core technology, these mattresses have three inches of synthetic Talalay latex. The perfect amount of visco-elastic memory foam is laminated over our Vitruvian Posture Tech zoned innerspring. Combining these luxurious products into one sleep system allows your body’s weight to be evenly distributed, maintaining spine alignment, and causing a significant reduction in tossing and turning.

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  • Signature Series

    Signature Series

    Our Signature Series sleep systems offer the ultimate luxury sleep experience. Over five inches of the world's most supportive foam in each mattress offers unsurpassed comfort and relaxation. Using science and nanotechnology, we created these models to provide years of lasting comfort and support. These mattresses come standard with our all-access interchange sleep system, allowing your sleep system to be altered at home.

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  • Sleep by Number

    Tempest-Pedic and Sleep by Number

    We build memory foam and air beds for your unique sleeping needs. Our Sleep by Number beds are the best in the industry, allowing you and your partner to meet your specific sleep needs. Memory foam mattresses are available in any size as well.

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