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Mattress Sioux FallsDo You know the Truth?
Retail and Big Box mattress are marked up at least 4-12 times all selling the same bed with a different label so you can't shop.
With a mattress store on every corner, pushy salesman and overpriced products, shopping is not fun! Watch us cut open these name brand beds and expose the truth of what you are actually paying for.  Watch Here
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THE Truth

Beds By Design solution?  Build and sell a better product, using unique innovative technologies (made here in the USA) and provide a service that you wont find anywhere else.   Easy to say, but hard to do.
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Better By Design
A "Better By Design" philosophy is why we are the Official Bed of the Dakotas™. We build on location, we ship across the country. We eliminate the mark ups, middlemen, and marketing games, meaning you get a better product and pay FAR less then anywhere else. We are conveniently located in Sioux Falls, SD
The key to our success includes:

  • Synergy™ – Bodies in motion stay in motion unless on our core.
  • Duron™ – Even if you wet the bed it wont grow bacteria
  • OmniFlow™ – Not your grandma's memory foam

Did you know Name Brand beds put more effort into branding and profit rather than quality of components? They have been using the same materials for decades, just changing the name so you can’t compare.  Learn more