Beds by Design is the region’s premiere mattress factory for commercial mattress orders.

Building all of our mattresses on-site, we have the ability to build bulk commercial mattress orders to accommodate any facility and budget. All of our mattresses are built with quality materials, from pocketed coils to durable high-density foam.

Customizable Options

We are able to help you carry your brand into your bedding as well! When NDSU approached us to manufacture mattresses for their dormitories, we took the order one step further and customized the mattresses to carry the school brand and logo into every room. Stitching the school logo into the quilting of the mattress gave students a unique and fun surprise when moving into the dorms.

NDSU embroidered mattress

“We had a lot of fun partnering with North Dakota State University for their dorm bedding. Stitching the logo into the bedding was a new thing for us. You don’t typically do that for your average homeowner buying a new mattress. We were able to also make pillows for the dorms or for the school to sell in the store. Now we are licensed to use the logos for other colleges and universities, too, and look forward to fulfilling more commercial mattress orders for area universities!”

Chad Yde – President Beds by Design

Beds By Design is proud to be able to use the logos of the University of Sioux Falls, the University of South Dakota, North Dakota State University and Minnesota State University Moorhead.

University of Sioux Falls
University of South Dakota
University of North Dakota
North Dakota State University
Minnesota State University Moorhead

Quality Control

All of our bulk orders are manufactured on-site at our Sioux Falls retail location and mattress factory. We are able to meet any bulk order quantity requirements, no matter your business. Our previous commercial orders include 5-star resorts as well as 150-bed economy hotels. Our ability to build the high quality mattresses hotels and motels are looking for, quickly and efficiently, allows us to keep our costs low and manufacturing onsite ensures quality control on every order we fulfill.

Additional Commercial Mattress Bedding Needs

If you manage a care facility, you know the importance of providing optimal comfort for your residents. Those who live in care facilities appreciate any extra touch of comfort they can get, and a mattress from Beds By Design, perhaps with custom stitching with the facility logo, would go a long way towards adding an extra special touch of comfort and care.

If you’re a property manager that’s in charge of providing mattresses for multi-family units, apartments and houses, we’re happy to discuss options that are right for your budget. Maybe you run a summer camp – after a day full of activities, it’s great to know your campers are going to get a good night’s rest so that they’re prepared for more fun the next day! Or maybe you work in the resort industry, or for a timeshare – you want your guests to have the ultimate in comfort while they’re at your property. What better way than a custom mattress from Beds By Design to make sure your guests at least get the ‘rest’ in ‘rest and relaxation.’

There’s no group of people more deserving of a great night’s sleep than our firefighters, first responders and hospital personnel. Those that are giving their all should get the support and rest they deserve by getting a mattress that’s worthy of all their efforts.

We’re excited to work with your company to create the right mattress, pillow and bedding solutions to fit your needs. We’re here to work through your specifications and budget.

All of our mattresses and materials are available for custom commercial orders.

For a quote or to learn more about our commercial services, please contact our Sioux Falls location at 605.371.2337

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