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Buying Mattresses in Bulk can SAVE OVER 65%!

There are a number of industries that need to purchase mattresses in bulk for their guests, students and residents. Beds by Design has saved non-profits and profits alike literally thousands of dollars on these investments, at the same time giving their patrons a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Hotels & Other Lodging

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College & University Dormitories

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Hospitals & Treatment Facilities

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Nursing Homes

See who we have worked within the commercial mattress industry.

Beds & Mattresses for the Commercial Industry

From local hotels and motels to 5 star resort properties, Beds by Design can manufacture commercial beds that are comfortable, durable and affordable.

We’re not just in the business of sleep, we can design and deliver exceptional commercial beds for your hotel, school or facility. Both our factories in Fargo, North Dakota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota are staffed and equipped for large, custom orders, tailor made by experts. Each bed is still hand crafted to perfection with any of the details you require.

Beds By Design has even developed custom stitching and bed design for universities, featuring school colors and logo. This is not only a unique touch, but also a great point of pride for schools and an excellent mattress for their students. This stitching process can be applied to any bed, adding any name or logo, customized to the required colors and specifications.

For any large or small commercial order, you can count on quality from start to finish and a mattress that is built to last. We love a challenge. If you have an idea? A quantity in mind? Or just want to learn more about our commercial service, please fill out the form below or contact an associate directly at 701-281-2337 in Fargo or 605-371-2337 in Sioux Falls.

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