Ultra Series “Mystery” Mattress Diagram

Ultra Series “Mystery” Mattress Diagram




1)  Serenity foam is the prefect piece to add on top of our coils for that extra luxurious layer of comfort and support.



2)  Delightful Duron HD – a comfortably cool synthetic latex.



3)  Premium pocketed coil – thicker gauge spring for greater support and longevity.

Basic Style Coil

This is comfort that’s anything but basic. Our Easy Comfort Series is so perfect for a guest room bed that your company may never leave! These are used in our easy comfort series, and are not available in a king size. This is an incredible value that comes with a 10-year warranty.

Pocketed Coil

Our individually wrapped thicker gauge spring absorbs more motion than traditional coils for greater support and longevity. This uses a thicker gauge spring in the center third, for maximum support and comfort. This comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

Synergy Core

Offering more pressure-relief and less motion transfer than our pocketed coils, our synergy core offers sensational support. This phenomenal core is 1/3rd the weight of our pocketed coils, yet it offers more firmness due to our exclusive, resilient synergy core. The patented elliptical cell structure guarantees the foam will not bottom out over time. This comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

Duron LD

The next great leap in comfort technology, our 3” soft synthetic latex Duron LD offers more density than normal foam, which allows it to contour better to your body. This comes with a 20-year warranty.

Duron HD

A comfortably cool 3” medium-firm synthetic latex, our Duron HD is 40-60% cooler than traditional mattress foam. Our Active Air technology and regulated temperature coating is a true breakthrough in comfort technology. This comes with a 20-year warranty.


Our deluxe DuraMax 4” firm synthetic latex is our thickest depth, and is completely optimized for pressure relief. Our regulated temperature coating allows you to sleep comfortably cool. Our eco-friendly manufacturing process offers extraordinary support that will not crumble or crack, and is completely hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and antifungal. This comes with a 30-year warranty.


Our revolutionary OmniFlow foam is a next-level improvement over traditional memory foam. Our team designed and exclusively offers OmniFlow foam for superior support and softness. It utilizes billions of microscopic air pockets, each one acting as a shock-absorbing cushion, releasing air independently as pressure increases. This greatly reduces pressure to the hip and back area, with up to 4 times more peak pressure reduction. It reduces body heat faster than traditional foam, for comforting, restorative sleep. This comes with a 20-year warranty.

Performance Latex

Our 3” performance latex uses the highest quality polyurethane available, for an infused gel that offers more support and firmness. Only available in our performance series, this eco-friendly latex will get you the rest you need for peak performance. This comes with a 15-year warranty.

Energy Core

Handcrafted by our team, our executive series energy core offers the highest level of support and comfort. Composed of one-half synergy core and one-half DuraMax in the core itself, this high performance, and high quality core is temperature regulated. This comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

Serenity Foam

Our 1″ Serenity foam is the prefect piece to add on top of our coils for that extra luxurious layer of comfort and support. Available for our Ultra Series, this pressure-relieving foam provides the resiliency and density you need for tremendous sleep, night after night. This high performance breakthrough in sleep technology also holds up better through humid conditions, for a nice, cool and consistent temperature.

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