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With our Ultra Series, Beds By Design is again changing the way you sleep – in a very good way. The innovation we’ve packed into the Ultra supports and protects the back, the shoulders and all your sleep pressure points. Its Duron material is hypo allergenic, eco friendly and most importantly, provides a cooler and drier sleep. It holds approximately 40% less heat in than the competition and is both soft and supportive. You will feel the difference immediately on the Ultra, and you’ll feel an even bigger difference waking up.

Destiny Mattress – starting at $1999

Using our exclusive Duron LD & HD and our Quad-Spring, the Destiny mattress gives you best of both worlds when it comes to support and comfort. One of our most popular beds, we ship these all over the country. Customers with fibromyalgia, back pain, shoulder pain and those that just need relief choose the Destiny Mattress. Less pressure, more support and extremely breathable and a hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial/fungal foam. The Destiny Mattress is Luxury, performance, and the best technology in one package.

Mystery Mattress – starting at $2099

Using our exclusive Duron LD & HD and either our QuadCoil or revolutionary Synergy material, the Mystery mattress provides unparalleled support and comfort for all lifestyles.One of our most popular mattresses, the Mystery caters to everyone. Less pressure, more support, extremely breathable (less hot/cold sleep) and an industry first hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial/fungal foam the Mystery delivers a great night’s sleep every night.

Ultra Comfort Mattress – starting at $2299

Begin each day with the Ultra Comfort mattress. We ship these all over the country for customers with fibromyalgia, back pain, shoulder issues, and those that just want great sleep! Using our exclusive Duron LD™ and our Synergy Core™, this bed does it all. It has unparalleled support but gives the exact comfort for your lifestyle. The Duron LD™ offers more pressure relief and breathability than any style of memory foam. Since it is USA made it will be healthier, more durable, and completely hypo-allergenic! This mattress is the complete package giving you an incredible night’s sleep day after day.

OmniBed - starting at $2499

The OmniBed promotes natural body alignment and recognizes everyone’s personal sleep style giving you a once in a lifetime great sleep. It helps muscles recover faster and more efficiently than any other type of foam today. The open-cell technology acts as a rapid temperature response to every individual’s body.

Prestige Comfort Mattress – starting at $2399

If you are looking for a “firmer” night sleep, the Prestige is our top selling firm mattress in the Ultra Series line. It uses our Duron HD™ and Synergy Core™ giving you the support you want but relieves the pressure points in your hips and your shoulders for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. The Duron HD™ is more durable and designed to withstand heavier weights, making it great for people of all shapes and sizes. It is made in the USA and completely allergy free and anti-fungal – quality you won’t find in memory foam. The Prestige Mattress is breathable, preventing that feeling of waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

Luna Mattress – starting at $2699

The Luna is our next step to gaining “firm” and restful sleep. It is using our exclusive Duromax™ combined with our Synergy™ technology to make a mattress that is firm but can feel like you have complete “weightlessness” in bed. These materials using their weight distributing qualities together takes away a lot of the pressure issues people have with firm beds, meaning people can sleep on their sides longer throughout the night without waking up to readjust positions. The support of Duromax™ is going to give that achy back a nice peaceful sleep, along with our 30yr warranty makes it one of most durable products in the Ultra Series Line.

Mirage Mattress – starting at $3299

The Mirage..hmm what to say…How about it being our #1 best selling bed for the last 5 years! This bed combines our Synergy™, DuroMax™, and Duron LD™ giving you the support, pressure relief, and coolness like your sleeping on a cloud. Back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, painful hip issues, or wanting the luxury of a $5,000 bed without paying $5,000 – this is the bed that’s on the top of your list. This mattress has done wonders for people getting their best, pain-free sleep night after night, year after year. No need to worry about issues down the road because you are backed with the legendary Beds by Design 30 year warranty. This is the bed that you can spend one third of your life in and still wish you could be in it longer!

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