Have you heard about the OmniPillow™?

Tired of your old, sunken, dirty, smelly pillow? Welcome the newest brand of pillow into your life – OmniPillow™! OmniPillow™ is filled with shredded Omniflow™ – a material similar to memory foam but with out all the negatives of heat and lack of support. Unlike traditional memory foam, This revolutionary Omniflow™ allows air to circulate throughout the pillow so it retains less heat and maintains proper support throughout the evening. Giving your neck and head the proper support that it needs.

That’s not all! Most pillows focus on the inside and not much on the outside. But where you put your face and breath every single night. The outside is as equally important. The advnaced pillow case is composed and made of copper infused fabric. Copper has natural antibacterial properties creating a cleaner environment for your head to rest every night. This means a healthier sleep is just a pillow away! The utilization of copper has been tested in other products such as wound dressing and socks. Results have shown that copper absorbed directly into the skin rejuvenates and revitalizes the complexion can help you fall asleep faster and have less odor.

Now your pillow can do much more than prop your head up at night. It can actively promote a healthier lifestyle. Give it a try!

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