Hyper-Soft support Foam


Hypersoft™ is a super soft supple foam developed for quilting applications.  The improved tear strength and permeability of Hypersoft combines luxury, comfort and durability to give our customers a product that is a soft as a cloud but keeps its durability!

Gel and Hybrid

Beds by Design offers the latest and most innovative in foam technology. Partnering with the best sleep engineers, Beds by Design has access to the highest technology in bedding to offer you the best in support, pressure relief, and temperature regulation. Our gel infused memory foam is the latest installment of the Memory Foam family. It boast a cooler touch and lighter feel. Talk to our comfort engineers for more information on the newest member of the memory foam family!

In addition to the latest in gel, Hybrid mattresses offer a combination of multiple foam technologies and support systems. Your comfort engineers at Beds by Design hand craft these dream machines everyday. Using all levels of the latest technology, your mattress will be built with a strong supportive core that does more for you than traditional innersprings! Technology in mattresses does not mean circuit boards and bluetooth, but rather a whole body health approach such as dust-mite resistant barrier, organically anti-microbial and hypoallergenic to name a few! Your mattress should do more for you, and at Beds by Design our cutting edge foam will give you a Hybrid of the best technology for your comfort.


Air Mattresses

Most air mattresses say they give support for sore backs, yet they only use one point of control. This single point of control adjusts the support in the entire mattress. Because of this, you may gain comfort over your existing mattress, but you sacrifice support (the most important aspect of a mattress to defeat an achy back.)

To offer our customers with the  best in comfort and support, our air mattresses use three points of control to give you contoured support and maximum comfort. The separation is vital to give you comfort without sacrificing support due to the variance in weight distribution in the body. Your hips and lower back necessitate extra support because of weight distribution in the body coupled with the hinge effect the hips allow adding street to the lower back if not properly supported.

Our air mattresses are zoned in two sections: head and foot, and hips and lower back. This separation gives you the ability to give your support in your hips and back where you need it, and comfort in your shoulders and legs. The best part? Any and all of the mattresses at Beds by Design can be transformed into an air mattress giving you the most versatile air mattress on the market!


Come to one of our mattress stores in Fargo and Sioux Falls to see how our mattress can help you sleep better!