Looking for a Soft but Supportive Memory Foam Mattress?

The Performance Series of mattresses have become our most popular for the enhanced pressure relief and energy absorption, while still supporting adult body weight. The world’s most supportive foam cushions the body, responding instantly to any movements without transferring motion. This line of mattresses is geared towards anyone wanting something soft but supportive. If you suffer from pain caused by muscle and joint compression, back issues, arthritis, or any pressure related affliction, our Performance Series is the best place to start making a difference in how your body rests and recovers.

If you are looking for a memory foam mattress that supports you while offering a soft cushion feel, this mattress is your choice. For memory foam mattresses in Fargo and Sious Falls, check out our locations page.

Mattresses in the Performance Series start at only $999.

Upgrade your Performance Series mattress to an Adjustable Bed and enjoy temporary relief from low back pain, edema, poor blood circulation of the legs, muscle strain and more. Plus, enjoy the benefits of ultimate comfort as your read, study, watch television, talk on the phone, use your laptop computer, or play video games - Adjustable beds conform to your needs. Get the most out of your Performance Series mattress, night AND day!

Upgrading your Performance Series mattress to an Adjustable Bed starts at only $1898.

Outlast® Sleep Accessories

Be sure to complete your order by checking out our Outlast® sleep accessories including blankets, pillow covers, mattress pads and sheets. Outlast® utilizes Outlast® Thermocules®, a technologically advanced temperature-regulating material to help you sleep better.