Trade In & Warranty Info at Beds by Design

Trade In

Our Trade In Program is a wonderful way to extend your mattress investment.

Let’s say you buy an $800.00 dollar Queen mattress and some time goes by where you want to upgrade to a higher end Queen mattress that costs $2,500.00. When upgrading the same size mattress, you will pay the difference. So in this scenario, you will pay $1,700.00.


Now if you buy an $800.00 dollar Queen mattress and some time goes by where you want to upgrade to a higher end King that costs $2,500.00, you will pay $2,100.00. When upgrading from one size to another size, your current bed will be valued at 50% of the original paid price. This is due to the materials that are used in the current bed won’t be used in the new one because of the sizes. Instead, you get a new bed!


Our warranty is pretty straightforward. We take a component approach to mattress warranties, meaning that if only one layer failed, then we will replace that layer instead of throwing out the entire mattress. Each component carries its own warranty.

Comfort Layers Warranty

  • Traditional Coil – 10 Years
  • Hypersift – 10 Years
  • QuadcoreTM Pocketed Spring – LIFE
  • DuronTM Soft/Firm – 20 Years
  • Synergy CoreTM – LIFE
  • OmniFlowTM – 20 Years
  • Energy CoreTM – LIFE
  • DuramaxTM – 30 Years

Beds by design will cover the following manufacturing defects under normal wear and tear:


  • Body indentations greater than one inch
  • Loose or broken coils
  • Coils that protrude or rip through fabric
  • Edges that sag one inch or more

Box Spring

  • Loose or broken wires
  • Splits in the wood frame
  • Bent, loose and/or defective beams

A proper bed frame must continuously support your mattress set. King, Queen and Full sets must have a minimum of five legs. A rigid center support must be placed in the center of your set. If cross slats are used, there must be a minimum of five slats.

Beds by Design highly recommends you purchase our mattress protector and box springs for full warranty coverage.

Not covered under warranty:

  • Mattress damage due to the use of an inappropriate foundation
  • Mattress and/or foundation damage due to an inadequate bed frame
  • Damage caused by excessive weight on the mattress
  • Mattress and/or foundation damage due to abuse or moving
  • Fabric stains or burns
  • Mattress height
  • Sheet fits
  • Transportation costs

Failure to comply may result in the warranty becoming null and void. All purchases are non-refundable.

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