Revolutionary Duron™ developed by our team.


Duron™ is our cutting-edge sleep solution material that was engineered to maximize your comfort while offer support and resilience


  1. Our pressure studies resulted in 98.8% of the Surface exceeded the requirements that ensure proper blood flow.
  2. Sleeps cooler and dryer with our Areation Active Air technology
  3. Eco-Friendly, 100% recyclable and inherently fire retardant
  4. Hypo-Allergenic
  5. More Comfortable and supportive then memory foam and latex!







Beauty Sleep Isn't Pretty, But we make it Feel so Good!

Outlast® Sleep Accessories

Be sure to complete your order by checking out our Outlast® sleep accessories including blankets, pillow covers, mattress pads and sheets. Outlast® utilizes Outlast® Thermocules®, a technologically advanced temperature-regulating material to help you sleep better.