People used to be told that an extra firm mattress was good on the back. This has been proven wrong with multiple studies including one that was based on 313 adults who had chronic lower-back pain. Those who slept on very firm mattresses reported nearly twice as much back pain. The result is a less restful night and more pressure points leading to all sorts of issues.  When experiencing any kind of restless sleep, back or shoulder pain it’s important to look at a new mattress as a possible solution.

In the original study the majority of participants reported improvement after getting a new mattress. Aside from suffering from back or shoulder pain another symptom indicating your mattress is a problem is if your body is not in a neutral position when you lay down. Is your upper, lower back and head all properly supported?  If you sleep on your side as many do you may also experience the pain in your shoulders or neck. Even when you get a new mattress you need to give it a little time for you to adjust to the mattress and for it to adjust to you. Generally most mattresses feel a little firm at first but within 30 days you’ll know if it’s a good match or not.

Firm vs Soft

Being too firm isn’t the only cause of these symptoms, a mattress that is too soft can also fail to give sufficient support which can cause similar pressure point problems. Complicating matters is that each mattress company has their own definition of what firm and plush means. And no two people are the same; one may think a medium firm mattress is too firm and one may think it’s too soft. That’s why it usually takes a lot of searching to find the right mattress.

At Beds by Design our mattress experts work with customers to make sure they get the mattress that is right for them. No high-pressure sales tactics or extreme markups that you usually see in the industry. We use the most innovative gel foam technology. It adapts to your body applying pressure where it’s needed and is cooler with a lighter feel. When you buy from a traditional mattress company not only do you overpay, but if it turns out to be too soft or too firm, you have little recourse. With Beds By Design we can make your mattress firmer, softer or more supportive based on your needs.

As you age you might find that your body needs a different firmness level or perhaps you just need a bigger mattress. Beds By Design offers a revolutionary trade-in program that lets you exchange your current mattress and get the exact same value off a new mattress. This means that your mattress never loses its value, just bring it back to our shop and we will rebuild it the same day.

Your sleep is our top concern, and we want all of our customers to have a great mattress at a great price. Come into either of our Beds by Design Mattress Factory locations in Sioux Falls and Fargo to see why we’re different.


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